Ligier racing cars distinguish themselves by the elegance and sportiness of their silhouette, an allure created by the Design Offices. The fluidity of the lines of the Ligier JS P2, JS P3 and most recently JS P217 give the range an aesthetic personality which asserts itself over time.

Ligier puts all its expertise and skills into the design, development and the production of their cars. The choice of the materials is at the heart of each new project, so as to offer products of impeccable quality, joining performance and safety.

The chassis of the Ligier racing cars are completely made out of carbon. The engineers’ choice is based on the fibres that show the properties the most suited to each use, with the aim of optimising the ratio between resistance and weight.

Composite materials

The performance of the composite materials, carbon or pre-impregnated fibreglass depending on the model, is a priority for Ligier. Special attention is paid to the fabrication of parts in composite materials which require weaving, moulding and cooking techniques that are highly precise and demanding.