Ligier JS F4

Like the Ligier JS P3 in the endurance pyramid in sports prototypes the Ligier JS F4 in the United States is a launching pad for young drivers who often come from the world of karts and are starting a career in car racing. By producing the Ligier JS F4 and the Ligier JS F3, the upper level, Ligier's aim is to accompany young coming men in their passion for motor racing as well as handing on to them part of its history.

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This F4 single-seater, called the Crawford F4 in 2016 and 2017, has been renamed the Ligier JS F4 for the 2018 season. The fact that the number of Crawford F4s on the grid of the US F4 Championship has doubled in just two years is ample proof of the success of this single-seater.


As is the case for the design of all its cars Ligier pays particular attention to safety features. The choice of material is essential and the use of a carbon monocoque is a guarantee of performance and safety. The Ligier JS P4 is built around a carbon monocoque and numerous safety systems are integrated into the car like anti-intrusion side panels, a front crashbox, wheel tethers and a headrest compatible with the Hans system.

Ligier JS F4 specifications


2016 F4 Spec. carbon composite monocoque


Front and rear roll-over structure
Anti-intrusion side panels
Lightweight composite bodywork
Adjustable wings front and rear


Width: 1750 mm / 69''
Wheelbase : 2745 mm / 108''


570 kg / 1254 lbs

Fuel System

ATL Single 13 US gallon fuel tank
Electrical pick up pump in tank
Breakaway fitting


Honda K20 C1 2,0-litre, 160 cv


Sadev 6-speed sequential
Tripod CV joints
Pneumatic paddle shift


Rack and pinion steering
Quick release steering wheel
Height adjustable column
Safety collapsible steering column


Double wishbone, front and rear
Pushrod adjustable ride
Adjustable anti-roll bars


GEMS Performance Electronics
LDS3R display


2 pot calipers
Tilton adjustable pedal box for position
Cockpit adjustable Brake Bias
Accessible fluid reservoirs


FIA spec. 6-point harness
On-board fire suppression system
HANS compatible headrest
Nosebox crash structure
Rear attenuator
Wheel tethers