Ligier JS P2

Launched in June 2014, the Ligier JS P2 is the first project of the new era of Ligier closed sport-prototypes, the first conception issued from the joining of the brand with the manufacturer Onroak Automotive. Born from Guy Ligier's dream to return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Ligier JS P2 embodies the values of the brand and feeds off its glorious heritage. The last time a car of the brand took part was back in 1975, which was marked by a second place result for the Ligier JS2.

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Exterior design

When elegance meets performance.
Admired for its fluid and delicate lines, the Ligier JS P2 impressed above all with its efficiency and reliability. Since its beginnings in June 2014, it has taken the world title in its category and won the greatest American races that many drivers and manufacturers dream about.

Interior design

The Ligier JS P2 also stands out thanks to the strong identity at the heart of the interior. Joining innovation and technology, the design of the cockpit favours comfort, efficiency and optimal safety.

Ligier JS P2 – 360°


          Ligier JS P2 specifications


          Carbon composite monocoque – HP Composites


          Closed – carbon – HP Composites


          Lenght – 4610m
          Width – 2000mm
          Wheelbase – 2865mm




          75 litres – ATL


          Judd HK V8, Nissan VK45 V8 or Honda HPD HR28TT V6 double turbo


          X-Trac 626 B six-speed sequential gearbox with magnesium casing


          Double wishbones, pushrod, torsion bars on front and spring on rear
          4-way latest generation of dampers
          PANKL made hub axles and wheel nuts with self-locking mechanism


          Cosworth electric power management and steering wheel
          Motec C185 data acquisition and telemetry system
          KYB electrical power-assisted steering
          Megaline gear shift system


          Master cylinder, 6-piston callipers
          Front and rear carbon discs: 15″ diameter


          Magnesium 18″ diameter
          Front width 12,5″ – rear width 13″


          Download cable
          Full option Motec upgrade
          Electroluminescent door panels (X2)
          Satel modem mounting kit
          MRTC mounting kit
          Ride height sensor mounts
          Performance sensors packages
          Windscreen heated option
          Windscreen wiper JET & Drink system
          Cockpit ventilation with water separation