Ligier JS P3

Born in June 2015, the Ligier JS P3 seems to have imposed itself as being the obvious choice for those passionate about endurance racing, be they beginners or gentlemen drivers. Having become a reference in the LM P3 category in the space of just a few months, it's carrying on the story of the Ligier brand, destined to maintain their passion. The Ligier JS P3 is raking up successes in the series in which it's taking part in Europe, Asia and in North America.

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Exterior design

Concentrated with technology that fully benefits from its kinship with the Ligier JS P2, all the while conforming to a very strict cost control policy, the Ligier JS P3 seduces all those who drive it. Its performances and results give it a unique status in the LM P3 category. It's carved a strong track record since its first year, getting victories on each continent and every series it has taken part in.

Interior design

The Ligier JS P3 offers an unequalled driving comfort for this kind of sport-prototype. As for the other models of the brand, the space and safety of the cockpit were at the centre of the design studies. An especially remarkable efficiency of the driver's ventilation system makes the Ligier JS P3 a unique and exceptional model, where pleasure and performance are inseparable.

Ligier JS P3 – 360°


          Ligier JS P3 specifications


          Carbon composite monocoque – HP Composites




          Lenght – 4605m
          Width – 1900mm
          Wheelbase – 2860mm




          100 litres – ATL


          V8, 5 litres, 420ch – Nissan VK50


          X-Trac six-speed sequential gearbox
          Semi-automatic paddle shift system
          Oil-exhanger-cooled gearbox


          Double wishbone, pushrod and spring-damper combination
          3 ways latest generation of dampers
          Ajustable anti-roll bar system
          3rd element front and rear


          Cosworth steering wheel
          Megaline gear shift system
          Magneti Marelli ECU


          Master cylinder, 6-piston callipers
          Front and rear steel discs 14″ diameter


          Magnesium 18″ diameter
          Front width 12,5″ – rear width 13″


          Damper Potentiometers kit
          Heated windscreen
          Endurance brake PADS RB340
          STAÜBLI Refueling System
          Serial refueling cell
          Drink kit
          Rear 3rd element pring locknut
          Ligier JS P3 cover
          Fuel male adaptator STAÜBLI
          Tire pressure monitoring system