Wishing to be as close to their clients as possible and to fulfil their needs quickly, several workshops offering Ligier services and products have been set up in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Ligier offers discovery and coaching days for all of the cars of the range. These tests are offered at each of the Ligier workshops and dealerships, in France, in the USA, in Asia and in the UK.

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Ligier Support

On the main series where Ligier racing cars are entered, support trucks and a dedicated client support service are available on site. Benefitting from the professionalism and logistics of the manufacturer Onroak Automotive, customer support offers spare parts as well as mechanical and engineering advice to help the teams optimise the operation of their Ligier.

Ligier engineering and mechanical support

The passion for Ligier has persisted since the start of the 70s and still inspires the men who prepare its cars today. Ligier offers a personalised and made to measure support package for teams that run their cars. Ligier engineers and mechanics join the teams who want to benefit from their expertise and know-how.